Tampa dermatologist discusses dangers associated with staph infection on ABC Action News’ ‘The Now’

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Dr. Seth Forman explains how sharing items could lead to staph infection with WFTS-ABC

Tampa dermatologist Dr. Seth Forman spoke with “The Now” reporter Christie Post on Tampa’s ABC-affiliate WFTS to discuss the Australian woman who was left paralyzed from a staph infection caused by a presumably innocuous source.

Attempting to hide a pimple, Jo Gilchrest used a friend’s makeup brush and contracted the highly contagious staph infection, immediately attacking her spine.

During the WFTS segment, which aired Thursday, April 9, Dr. Forman warned that, like Gilchrist, people can easily be exposed to the infection in public settings like a mall door handle or a menu at a restaurant.

“A lot of men get it on their chest, some women get it on their legs,” the Tampa dermatologist told WFTS. “Essentially it happens where people have a high density of hair follicles.”

Roughly 25 percent of the population carries staph infection never show symptoms. Dr. Forman says it usually begins when a cut gets infected by the bacteria, causing redness and swelling of the skin.

Check out the segment that aired on WFTS-ABC: http://www.abcactionnews.com/news/woman-left-wheelchair-bound-after-sharing-makeup-brush

Dr. Forman advises people to wash their hands often to keep staph infection from spreading, while also advising individuals to avoid sharing razors, makeup kits and nail clippers.

Most cases can be cleared up with an antibiotic, according to the Tampa dermatologist.

“I treat it almost the same way I treat acne, however treat it for longer and usually at a higher dose.”

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