Anadrol Review – Why It Is Not Recommended For BodyBuilding ?

Nowadays, every another person is busy in developing a good body shape with a significant amount of muscles which further enhances the personality.

And especially, when it comes to body, we often go for the substances which would cause less harm to our body and thereby to our health.

Anadrol is one of the best oral steroid available in the market. Here, this article deals with its dosage, benefits it offers, and the side-effects.

People often go for supplements so as to accelerate their muscle growth.

Not all the supplements are good and reliable but with Anadrol, we can expect for the good. This steroid works more efficiently and effectively. Have a look.


Its dosage varies from a beginner to advance users.

It should be kept in mind that excessive dosage can harm our body resulting in bad health.

So, here is a guide for its intake, For a beginner, 25 to 50 mg per day is enough for better results and should try to avoid taking more than the said amount.

For intermediate, it is from 50 to 90mg per day to expect good results. For advance users, it goes up to 100mg per day.

Note: It should not be used for more than 4 to 6 weeks to keep our body safe from an overdose. It shows best results in about 2 weeks.


Earlier, this was prescribed by doctors to treat Anaemia (a condition occurs due to lack of enough RBCs in our body).

But now it has been popularised among Bodybuilders and athletes because of the variety of benefits it offers.

It increases the RBCs count in our blood thus increasing oxygen-carrying capacity.

It increases strength and allows us to work out for more hours without feeling tired.

It also helps to gain muscle mass.

Bodybuilders use it because it improves nitrogen retention in our body and increases the level of protein synthesis.

It is also used for Osteoporosis and other bone growth issues. Many bodybuilders use it as a pre-workout tablet.

It helps us to build muscles twice than any other steroid available.

It helps women to get a lean body to look attractive.

Side - Effects:

Nothing in the world is available only with benefits. There are side-effects too that comes along with the benefits.

Anadrol is very popular among athletes and bodybuilders, of course, it comes with several benefits but we cannot neglect its side-effects. Some of the side effects include- headache, stomach pain, lethargy, nausea, water retention in the body which would make us feel bloated, Acne, and few more.

It should be noted that dosage and its cycle length play a very crucial role in determining its side effects and to some extent we can avoid its bad effect by avoiding excessive dosage than required.


Before using any product, we should know about its benefits, side-effects and how it is taken.

Here, we saw everything about Anadrol.

It is available in the market in the form of tablets and is taken orally so we do not need to worry about injections.

It is also easily available in the market.

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