Top 10 Mass Gainer Supplements In 2021 For Increasing Muscle Mass

Some people want to put on more weight and look tougher and muscular. There are many mass gainer supplements available nowadays. I am going to discuss about ten of the best mass gainer supplements:

  1. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

    This supplement is very rich in calories. It is targeted for those who want to gain more weight and build muscles. This improves the rate of metabolism in the body, energize the body to perform intense trainings and workouts and increase your muscle mass. It helps you get bigger and better.

    It contains higher amount of protein and many useful vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and essential minerals like zinc, magnesium and many others. You can mix 2 scoops of it with either water or milk. However, if you are a beginner than it is recommended to start from just ½ scoop for a week and increase it gradually.

    Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

  2. Mass-Tech by Muscletech

    Mass-Tech contains many important ingredients like protein, creatine, omega fatty acids, calcium and many other elements which is very useful for muscle building. It helps in muscle gaining and increases muscle mass and strength.

    It can be used by both males and females who lack behind the intake of sufficient calories required for increasing the muscle size. You will intake more proteins which will increase the supply of amino acids in the body. Mass-Tech also helps in muscle retention, builds skeletal muscle and increases the energy storing capacity.

    Mass-Tech by Muscletech

  3. Mass Jym Ultra-Premium Mass Gainer

    Mass Jym is an amazing mass gainer containing proteins, carbohydrates and good fats which helps in maximizing the size of muscles and build lean muscle mass. It also helps in protein synthesis in the body which enables you to do intense workouts and quicker recovery.

    It increases muscle strength and helps you in growing bigger in size. Mass Jym also boost testosterone level in your body. It is very useful in enhancing the energy level and better endurance. The taste of this supplement is excellent. There are many flavors available and it can be mixed with both water and milk.

    Mass Jym Ultra-Premium Mass Gainer

  4. BSN True Mass

    It contains varieties of proteins and carbohydrates that helps in weight gaining. You can intake a lot of calories in less time without having to eat a higher amount of food. It will be supplying lower amount of essential amino acids which is very important for production of proteins and hormones inside the body which will enhance the overall athletic performance.

    The quality of this supplement is very good and it comes in five different flavors which you can select as per your preference. It is very useful building muscle mass and muscle strength. It is more suitable for the beginners.

    BSN True Mass

  5. Protein Series MASS GAINER

    It is one of the most effective muscle building supplement available. It contains protein, calories and clean carbohydrates which accelerates the growth of lean muscle mass. It also helps you in weight gaining. It contains sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, fats and lesser amount of sugar.

    It helps in reduction of fatigue level while increasing the endurance and energy level in the body. This supplement is available in chocolate flavor only. It does not contain any artificial colors. Though it is not much cheaper, but it is a reliable supplement.

    Protein Series MASS GAINER

  6. Dymatize Super Mass Gainer

    This supplement is very rich in calories. In per serving, you will intake up to 1300 calories. It also provides proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates which are very essential in our daily lives for maintaining a good health. It increases protein synthesis in the body, strengthen the immune system and helps in quicker recovery after difficult workouts.

    It contains lower quantity of creatine which is very useful for increasing the muscle strength, better endurance and is useful for pumping more number of times during the workout which makes you look fuller and bigger.

    Dymatize Super Mass Gainer

  7. Stacked Protein Gainer by Evlution Nutrition

    It contains five different kinds of protein which helps in muscle growth, faster recovery after workouts, protein synthesis in the body and increase the muscle size. It is very easy to use. You can take one scoop of it and mix it with water or any other beverage you like at any time of the day, however, it should be at least half an hour prior to or after your workout.

    Apart from proteins, it contains the best quality carbohydrates which assists in muscle building. It is used by the bodybuilders and athletes to perform difficult workouts and recover quickly.

    Stacked Protein Gainer by Evlution Nutrition

  8. Pro Gainer by Optimum Nutrition

    It is a very good supplement for weight gaining. It contains excellent quality proteins which helps in better and quicker recovery after tough workouts. The good quality carbohydrates help in maintaining the level of energy in the body.

    It has varieties of vitamins like Vitamin B16, Vitamin B12; minerals like iron, iodine, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and many others which are very essential for the body. You are just required to take one scoop of it with water after your workout or also in between your meals.

    Pro Gainer by Optimum Nutrition

  9. Clean Gainer by Rivalus

    This supplement is rich in high quality muscle building proteins and healthy fats which can be used for muscle building, increasing muscle mass and weight gaining. It is one of the most preferred supplement for people who want to look bigger and muscular. It contains a mixture of good quality calories which is derived from ginger root, coconut, sunflower oil, etc.

    It is advisable to consume two scoops of Clean Gainer after workout in the morning. It is used generally by the expert bodybuilders and athletes who are aspiring to increase muscle mass.

    Clean Gainer by Rivalus

  10. Real Gains by Universal Nutrition

    Real Gains is a very powerful bodybuilding supplement which contains higher amount of calories, proteins and healthy fats while a very lower amount of sugar is added to it. It helps in gaining muscle mass and also contributes towards lowering the intake of fats in the body.

    It also includes inulin which helps in protein digestion and storing energy. It will meet the amount of calories required by the body every day. Real Gains is also supplying amino acids into the blood. It is available in different flavors. However, it should not be used by minors and pregnant women.

    Real Gains by Universal Nutrition

So these were some of the be mass gaining supplements. It should always be remembered that natural food is always the best choice. You should always try to consume calories and proteins more from natural foods and less from supplements. You should not completely dependent on supplements alone as it may have negative impact on your health.

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