L-Carnitine Review – Benefits, Side Effects And Dosage

L-carnitine is basically a naturally occurring amino acid which is oftentimes taken as a supplement by people.this supplement has an effective impact on brain functions and weight loss.

But there are so many questions about this supplement which is connected to science.

If you are looking for buying this supplement then this article will help you by providing you with its information about potential side effects, benefits and dosage.

Why is L-carnitine an essential supplement?

If you need a dietary supplement as well as nutrients then you must give try to L-Carnitine. It is a very important supplement to increase energy production by way of moving the fatty acids to the mitochondria cells. Since the mitochondria help our body to build useful energy through acting as an engine in our cells to burn fats.

Out of the production of amino acids including methionine and lysine your body can produce L- carnitine. To make this production sufficient in your body vitamin C consumption is also necessary. As you can produce L-carnitine in your body by this product you can also collect some of it by eating a few animal products such as fish and meat. But what about vegans and other people with certain genetic issues? How can they obtain L-carnitine? For this type of person, I think this supplement will be very useful.

Different Types of L-carnitine

As you know that carnitine is a natural component which is found in food, various supplements and in our body. And the L-carnitine is a form of this which is biologically active.

There are different types of carnitine


It is also known as ALCAR, this form of carnitine is the most beneficial form in the case of the brain. Research suggests that for people who have neurodegenerative this form of carnitine is beneficial for them.


This is an inactive form of carnitine and may be a reason for the deficiency of carnitine in our body through inhibiting the level of absorption of other products.


For people with circulatory issues this form of carnitine is suitable for them. These issues include high blood pressure and peripheral vascular disease.to increase your blood flow this form boosts the nitric oxide production.

L-carnitine L-tartrate

This form has rapid production levels so that it is usually used in the sports supplement. This will help you in exercise recovery and muscle soreness. There are people for whom L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine are the perfect forms for general use.

So pick your suitable form from all these and achieve your personal goals and needs.

L-Carnitine benifits

Side Effects and Safety precautions

Monthly usage: Usually it is safe to use L-carnitine for up to 12 months. But it may cause side effects like heartburn, stomach upset, nausea, seizures, diarrhoea and vomiting. Additionally, it can cause breath, urine and swear to have a fishy odour. If you are using  DL-carnitine and D-carnitine then avoid them because it can block the L-carnitine effects on your body and also be a result of L-carnitine deficiency.

Injection usage, through the approval of healthcare providers it is reported that L-carnitine is safe.

Warning And Precautions

Breastfeeding and pregnancy

There is no sure information about the safety of L-carnitine during pregnancy. For a safer side, it is recommended to avoid its usage. However, if a person is taking L-carnitine by mouth with the right dosage recommended by the healthcare provider then there is possibly safety at the time of breastfeeding.


There are no side effects reported after giving a small amount of L-carnitine to infants. But at the same time, there is no information about the heavy dosage by the mother at the time of breastfeeding.

For children

Also it is safe if it is used appropriately through the mouth or by intravenously for the short term. It is reported safe for taking by mouth for six months.

Kidney failure

After using DL-carnitine it has reported that it can cause eye drooping and muscle weakness by taking through intravenously. But on the other hand, we can't see this effect because of L-carnitine.

An underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism)

The symptoms of hypothyroidism will get worse by consuming and L-carnitine.


There is also a harmful effect of L-carnitine if a person has seizures before.

Health Benefits by L-carnitine

So take a look at a few benefits connected with supplements of L-carnitine.

Heart Health

There is some study research noticed that it can reduce the blood pressure and heart-related inflammatory process.

Also, the systolic blood pressure can be dropped down 10 points by consuming 2 grams of acetyl-L-carnitine each day. This drop is important for reducing heart health and disease risks reported by a blood pressure reading.

It is also noticed that people who have severe heart disorders can see improvements by taking L-carnitine including chronic heart failure and coronary heart disease.

There is a 12 month Study which observed a reduction in deaths and heart failures among individuals who use L-carnitine supplements.

Improve Exercise Performance

There is evidence which is connected to your sports performance. Long term and larger benefits are associated with L-carnitine.

But keep one thing in mind that the benefits of L-carnitine are indirect so it will take months or weeks to appear. This effect will be different from supplements such as creatine or caffeine. These can directly improve your sports performance.


L-carnitine may also benefit for

Dosage Recommendations

Basically, The dosage of L-carnitine should be 500 to 2000 mg per day. However, this dosage can vary from study to study. Here is the chart of usage and dosage of different forms of carnitine.


As I mentioned that this form is effective for brain function. Thus for brain health, you can take it from 600 to 2500 mg per day.

L-carnitine L-tartrate

This is best for sports and gym persons. To improve the exercise performance it should be taken from 1000 to 4000 mg per day.


For people with circulatory issues it is recommended to use 400 to 1000 mg per day for improving the blood flow.

What to Look For to increase L-carnitine

Basically, L-carnitine can be found in dairy products and meat. But at the same time, your body also can produce it if you eat foods which are rich in methionine and lysine.

The foods which are high in lysine are yoghurt, cheese, poultry, meats, tree fruits, milk. As well as the foods which are rich in methionine are turkey, nuts, meat, cheese, soy, shellfish, fish, beans, dairy and eggs. When you include this type of food in your diet you will achieve a sufficient supply of L-carnitine so that you can regulate metabolism.

Nonetheless, if you want to purchase the supplements of L-carnitine then it is available at many online stores, drug stores and food stores. In fact, this ingredient can be found in many protein powders as well as sports drinks which are marketed to athletes. If you are looking for a safe product then make sure that it is tested and approved through the recognized certifying body such as ConsumerLab, Pharmacopeia (USP) and NSF International. So make sure that it is safe and then start consuming it. Also, take it as per the recommended dosage to avoid any risk.

The final wording

In the market, L-carnitine is popular as a fat burner but overall its properties are also good for weight loss.

However, there are studies concluded that it is useful for brain function, health and prevention of disease. The supplements of L-carnitine are also beneficial for lower levels like vegans, older adults and vegetarians.

Lastly as compared to other forms the L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine are the most known and effective for health.

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